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Version 3.01 of the quotes and intraday charts software TraderPlus is now AVAILABLE.

bullet TraderPlus improvements: From Version 3 to Version 3.01

bullet TraderPlus improvements: From Version 2 to Version 3

bullet How do I get the version?


Significant changes since the last version of TraderPlus 3.01 (July 8, 2011)

New graphing properties:

New in the graphing toolbar:

New confirmation options for placing graph-based alarms and orders (Simulator):

New options for alarm line alerts and the execution of transactions (Simulator):

Download latest version 3 of TraderPlus software


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TraderPlus improvements: From Version 2 to Version 3

Intraday Programmable Charts

TraderPlus now gives access, at no additional cost, to 50 dynamic quotes instead of 30, as well as 3 intraday charts permanently.

If you have a previous version than version 3, you will get 50 dynamic quotes instead of 30 and 3 intraday charts permanently.

Programmable Charts from 50 to 250 intervals from 1 to 30 minutes.

Bar Charts, line or Candlestick (Japanese Candlestick).

Analysis: volume, number of transactions, Stochastic, MACD.

Instantaneous streaming quotes.

Intraday charts fully customizable with one right click.

Fast Charts models

The software now displays a quick bar of models, which are your favorite chart models. If this is the first time you download version 3, the software will display the models that we've prepared for you. If you already have a version 3, your fast bar of models will not be replaced.

Presently we have 3 subscription choices for TraderPlus

All users of an earlier version than version 3, and who are subscribed to the dynamic quotes will automatically get the Bronze subscription, allowing them to track 50 dynamic quotes and 3 intraday charts.

If you want to upgrade your subscription to Silver or Gold, you will simply pay the difference between the Bronze subscription price and the upgrade price. If you download version 3 of Traderplus via the Decision-Plus website, this option will be offered to you during the download stage and the new price will be displayed.

If you decide not to purchase the upgrade subscription and would like to keep your current Bronze subscription, you can still change it later by contacting us by phone at (514) 392-1366 or 1-877-392-1366.


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how do I get

Clients who already have version 3 of TraderPlus

Same generation versions are free of charge

As a user of TraderPlus, subscribed to a real time subscription, if you already have version 3, you are not required to pay anything to download the new version if a corrected version 3 was made available. However, you may have to pay for the next generation; for example, if a version 4 was made available. But you would not be required to download it and your current version 3 would still continue to be fully functional.

To see which version of TraderPlus you have, which version is available and if there is an upgrade cost to get the new version: Click here

Have your serial number and password on hand, you will be asked for them.

Clients who have version 2 and below of TraderPlus

You can get the new version 3 for free

To get this version, you need to have the serial number and password of your current TraderPlus and to click on the link at the end of this paragraph. The system will tell you the version you have and will confirm the price of your new version. You can then proceed to the download.

Download latest version 3 of TraderPlus software

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