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real time

      If you already own one of our TraderPlus or MarketVisionPlus software with a Real Time quotes package, we offer you automatically and for free the access to quotes and charts in Real Time on the www.decisionplus.com site.

      So, when you do not have access to your computer, you can use any other one connected to the Internet to access the quotes and charts in real time.

      To get quotes and charts in real time on www.decisionplus.com, simply click on the words "real time" at the top right-hand side of the site's main page.

real time

Then, enter the serial number of your MarketVisionPlus or TraderPlus software along with your password.

quotes in real time

      If you do not already have MarketVisionPlus or TraderPlus software with a real time package but wish to obtain quotes and charts in real time here is our price:

Activation fee (only once) $ 50

*Royalties: Subscribing to real-time requires, in addition, a payment of monthly or yearly royalties to the applicable stock exchanges:

Royalties are always charged for full months.
Yearly royalties subscriptions are charged for a full year.

** Fee for non-professionals only.

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