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MarketVisionPlus Version 7 is now AVAILABLE.

bullet MarketVisionPlus improvements: From Version 6 to Version 7

Intraday Programmable Charts

MarketVisionPlus 7 now gives access, at no additional cost, to the intraday charts. If you have a subscription to delayed quotes, intraday charts will be delayed. If you have a subscription to real-time quotes, intraday charts will be in real time.

Programmable Charts from 50 to 250 intervals, from 1 to 30 minutes.

You can display bar charts, line charts, candlesticks, volume, number of transactions, Stochastics and MACD.

The Intraday Chart button opens a window showing the intraday history of the active stock. For example, when viewing a daily chart of a company, one click on the Intraday Chart button displays the detailed historical intraday movement of the current trading day. Right-clicking on the intraday chart allows you to change the chartcharacteristics.

Quick Bar Lists

MarketVisionPlus now features quick bars of lists. We also prepared two sets of lists for you. If you already have a quick bar of lists, the contents of your bar will not be replaced when you install the new version. However, the two new groups of lists will be available in the choice of groups.

how to get

• Customers who already have version 7 of MarketVisionPlus

Same generation versions are FREE

As a user of MarketVisionPlus, subscribed to one of our quotes packages, and you already have version 7, you are not required to pay anything to download the new version, if a corrected version 7 is made available. However, you may have to pay for the next generation; for example, if a version 8 was made available. But you would not have to download it and your current version 7 would still continue to be fully functional.

To see what version of MarketVisionPlus you have, what version is available and if there is an upgrade cost to move to the new version: Click here.

Have your serial number and password on hand, they will be required.

• Decision-Plus clients who have version 6 and below of MarketVisionPlus

You can get the new version 7 for free

To get the version, you need to have on hand the serial number and password of your current MarketVisionPlus and to click on the link at the end of this paragraph. The system will tell you what version you have and confirm the price of your version. You can then proceed to the download page.

Download latest version 7 of MarketVisionPlus