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Click here to start your Traderplus 10 consecutive days free trial

For Microsoft Windows Only

macOS users: This software can be used on an Apple computer. Please contact us for more details.

What is included in the free trial:

   Comprehensive Software:

      The software Traderplus that you download for the trial period is the same software that our customers use daily. Quotes and charts will be in real time for the TSX and TSXV and will be delayed by 20 minutes on New York and NASDAQ. The quotes of the U.S. markets are not available in real time during the trial period.

      If you later choose to subscribe to Traderplus, you can keep all the customized work you have done: your stock lists, the various analyses you have put in place and the graphical models that you have created or modified to meet your needs.

      The software will expire after 10 consecutive days. To continue using it, you must purchase the software and subscribe to one of our quotes packages. You will then receive new access codes. You simply have to register and continue using your software.

      Consult the "Quotes" page on the menu bar to view the prices after your free trial.


      The software Traderplus is extremely easy to use. Simply activate the Automatic Update. The stocks included in the quotes page will immediately begin flashing at every change of supply and demand during the trading sessions. You can add or delete stocks easily with the functions "Add" and "Delete."

      You can follow intraday charts in seconds, minutes or hours. Some predefined layouts are already prepared.

      You can place as many alarms as you want to alert you in real time when one of your stocks meets the specified criteria.

      The version offered during the trial period is the Silver of the software. It allows you to track in real time 50 stocks or indices as well as 30 intraday charts.

   We Guarantee the Trial Period Will Be Free

      You can count on our word when we say that the trial is totally free, no risk and no obligation. After the 10 consecutive days trial period, your access codes will be automatically disabled. You will need to contact us either online or by phone before or after the end of your free trial period if you wish to continue. When you buy the software, you will get new access codes. We guarantee that no charges are associated with the trial period.