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       bullet The objective of every investor

      The ultimate goal for a stock market investor is to make as much money as possible and in the shortest period of time. Some would say that this is not the thing to do, but it's up to you. However, for those who are not advocates of passive investing and who prefer to maximize their gains on the stock market, there are other more rewarding methods than the buy and hold strategy.

      We recognize in today’s world, time is precious and lacking. The more active an investor becomes, the more they are in need of faster dissemination of information to be able to make better and informed decisions. The hours spent doing research leave little time for analysis and decision making.

       www.MarketGurus.tv was created to provide real-time trading information on the listed stocks and indices in a way that is straightforward and effortless. Why spend your time conducting endless hours of research when we can provide it for you on a daily basis? In a short time, on a daily basis, you will be aware of everything that matters about the stock market. This will allow you to make reliable decisions, and especially to make superior deals. Let us do the leg work so that you can make the decisions!


      An important facet of investing properly is education. Decision-Plus offers Stock Market Training for Beginner and Professional investors alike. www.MarketGurus.tv is specifically designed to cater to the needs of any investor no matter what their level of education is. In essence, it is there to facilitate and enable the investor both during and after their training period. Our training will equip the investor to understand what is most important and relevant in terms of both technical and fundamental analysis. Let our expertise help you avoid the common newbie mistakes so that you can maximize your gains!



      Though experienced investors understand the dynamics of investing successfully, they can also benefit from using www.MarketGurus.tv to save time and labour. As an experienced investor you know that information pertaining to what goes on in the stock market can be intentionally misleading or even downright false. That’s why we spend hours sifting through all the junk to bring you the important and relevant information –something that you can use to make an informed decision. Let us spend hours doing research so you don’t have to! On www.MarketGurus.tv, we inform, guide and give you choices. After that, however, the decision is yours.


       bullet 12 analysts working for you

       www.MarketGurus.tv is comprised of a dozen technical and fundamental analysts working in a high-tech space modelled as a Web TV studio. From the pre-market till the end of the trading session, all the fundamental and technical data are scrutinized and selected before being posted on www.MarketGurus.tv for you.

      The overall concept of the website allows you to access one stock at a time or to see specific groups of stocks categorized according to their technical movements. You can also view stocks classified by each sector of the economy, from the strongest to the weakest. The concepts of classification, the method of written and audio consultation of the data, along with the basic technical patterns in a single click, are simply fabulous.

      All stocks are analyzed and documented. We ensure you are kept informed of all the pertinent stock market headlines. Also, we publish all day long, non-stop, 40 times per trading session (on average). You can listen, thanks to our unique audio system, to the breaking fundamental and technical news.

      Research, technical and fundamental analysis are our business, use your valuable time to decide and trade rather than work.

      Follow the smart and sound recommendations presented in the analysis and advice section. You will find many useful analysis and reports summarizing the most recent news and statistical data. Also, you will discover numerous web video broadcasts that help you gauge the market direction and the overall sentiment.

Take advantage from our three daily live broadcasts that guide you every day on the best stocks to buy and the strategies to adopt.



Making money in the stock market depends on when you buy or sell stocks. With the right time, you can make money. With www.MarketGurus.tv, buy the best securities when the timing is appropriate and more importantly sell them at the right time.

The site www.MarketGurus.tv offers a thorough collection of explanatory videos.

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