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Click here to start your MarketVisionPlus 10 consecutive days free trial

For Microsoft Windows Only

macOS users: This software can be used on an Apple computer. Please contact us for more details.

What is included in the free trial:

   Ready to Run Software Features

      The downloadable version of MarketVisionPlus used for the free trial is the most recent version. It is 100% functional, but expires at the end of the consecutive 10-day trial. The free trial allows you to download the software and all the historical data for the New York stock exchange, NASDAQ, TSX, and the TSX Venture. The “Online” mode also functions and will give you access to intraday quotes and charts.
      Although we do enjoy giving you access to all markets, we invite you to download only the markets in which you trade. For instance, there is no point in downloading the U.S. markets if you only trade on the Canadian exchanges. However, even if you download only one market, you'll still have access to all the markets’ indices. They are always included at no extra charge, no matter which subscription package you choose after the trial period.
      If you later choose to subscribe to one of our quotes packages, you can keep all the customized work you have done, including your personal lists and data. When you purchase the software and a subscription package, you will receive new access codes. If you want to follow the same markets you used for your trial period, simply enter the new passwords and continue your work. If you want to track fewer markets, simply uncheck the markets that you no longer want in the communication table (Update Button). If you choose to continue after the trial period, the existing subscription packages are offered at a specific price for each market and at a special one for all three markets. Consult the "Quotes" page on the menu bar to view the prices of the various packages that are available after your free trial.

   The Start-up Historical Quotes Are Included

      The basic historical quotes, the daily historical quotes for one year and the weekly historical quotes for five years, of all the stocks and indices of every market are provided with the software during the free trial period. You will simply have to choose the markets that you wish to follow when installing the software.

   Three Systems of Quotes Feed MarketVisionPlus

      Marketvisionplus works with three systems of quotes: one for updating the historical data, one for feeding your quotes and charts and an additional one for the intraday charts. All the information is free of charge during the trial period. However, the current-day data and the intraday charts provided by the online button will be delayed by 20 minutes on the NASDAQ Stock Exchange and New York and 15 minutes for other markets.

      The first system is vital. Without it, the software does not work. This system serves to keep the historical data up to date, as well as the news in your database. You can perform the update with one click of the mouse. The software will recover all missing data, even if you have not used it for several days. The software will automatically retain the last 250 daily quotes and the last 250 weekly quotes on all stocks and indices.

      The second system, when the “Online” mode is enabled, automatically provides updates during the trading sessions of daily quotes every time you access the quotes or charts. This feature is essential for those who follow the market activity during the day. The speed of this process is almost imperceptible given today’s computers and modern communication. When the online function is activated, other features are available. In addition to adjusting the historical charts with the quotes of the day, the “Online” mode allows you to view many pages of intraday quotes. You can also, among other things, initiate intraday technical research using the scanner function.

      The third system feeds Marketvisionplus with intraday charts. For example, when you're viewing a daily chart of a company, the quotes of the current day are added to the historical quotes. To view the recent movements in more detail, simply click on the button with a white chart on a blue background from the “Online” mode bar. Instantly a chart of the current session or the last days, in either minute or five-minute intervals, will be displayed (the function is fully programmable). Intraday Charts will be delayed during the trial period for all the markets.

      Access to all this data seems complicated, but it is not. The systems are all completely automated and transparent. You'll be surprised by the simplicity and power of Marketvisionplus.

   We Guarantee the Trial Period Will Be Free

      You can count on our word when we say that the trial is totally free, no risk and no obligation. After the 10 consecutive days trial period, your access codes will be automatically disabled. You will need to contact us either online or by phone before or after the end of your free trial period if you wish to continue. When you buy the software, you will get new access codes. We guarantee that no charges are associated with the trial period.

      To see how much it costs to run the software after the trial period, visit “Quotes” in the menu bar.

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