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Technical Analysis Video Course
Stock Market Profit; Trade Simple, Trade Right

      A 12-hour CD-Rom video course on technical analysis including 8 chapters and 52 videos. Learn how to read the stock market, stock quotes and stock charts. Reflects the best techniques for trading on the stock market today. Learning technical analysis will improve your market timing.

      As opposed to other products, such as the numerous technical analysis books available, this video course gives you a much better understanding of stock market reality. Michel Carignan will take you step-by-step into the world of technical analysis, explaining in a very concise manner what technical analysis really is and what it can do for you. You will learn about the theories of technical analysis, how to use them, when to use them, and more importantly, when not to use them. You will then be able to test your knowledge through the strategies learned. This course is the most realistic course of its kind. Michel Carignan will teach you the things that really work. It's dynamic, it's user-friendly and it's complete. To become and remain a profitable trader and still have the time to live your life, you must Trade Simple and Trade Right.

Michel Carignan says: Technical analysis can not be applied on a particular stock alone. Any stand-alone signal has a fifty-fifty (50/50)? chance of being profitable. Choosing the right market momentum, as well as the right sector momentum is a must. When the signal occurs on many stocks from the same sector or on many sectors at the same time, there is a 90% chance that the signal will be successful.

      This course is a technical analysis course for modern times. It is the most complete and the most comprehensive course available today. This course was produced by an investor for the investors - with today's reality in mind. Michel Carignan really takes you through step-by-step to a more profitable and easier way of investing. With 15 years experience in teaching technical analysis methods of investment, he is now delivering this unparalleled video production to provide investors with the best understanding of technical analysis theories and strategies. This course is specially designed for those who have already started investing in the stock market as well as those who have tried using technical analysis with little or no success.

      Michel Carignan has been dedicated to the art of technical analysis since 1983. When he lost most of his money after following the advice of full-service brokers and investment counsellors he changed his strategy and began using charts. Since then, his gains have far outweighed his losses! This very dynamic speaker has become one of the most popular stock market technical analysts, and has been the featured speaker at hundreds of conferences, courses and TV programs. He is also a newspaper columnist and has been predicting, monitoring and analyzing important market movements for the last 15 years.