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Technical Analysis by Michel Carignan

Getting started in technical analysis

      You should start with the basics and not feel rushed. You must learn the subject matter in an orderly manner, slowly and by testing each new acquired bit of knowledge. You need to have simple explanations, a simple method, daily monitoring and a strict discipline.
      The training available on our website (www.decisionplus.com) is complete and suitable for all stock investors. You can be sure to expand your horizons, gain experience and greatly improve your performance by placing trust in our professionals.
      Match your next training with our 10 day free trials on our Marketvisionplus and Tradesplus software and our coaching site MarketGurus.tv. Marketvisionplus is for Swing Traders who want to enjoy the cycles of few days, and the trends of few months. Traderplus is for those who prefer the Day Trading, seeking to take advantage of intraday fluctuations. Our analysis and advice website www.MarketGurus.tv is an amazing complement that will validate your knowledge throughout your learning. Give it a test during your training. What’s the point of following training if you do not put your knowledge to the test?
      Technical analysis is a psychological activity for people with analytical skills. Those who have a logical mind will find a lot of sense. It is not complicated, but you have to do it the right way and take the time necessary to succeed, like golf, hunting, fishing, gardening, cooking, and business...

Regardless of the talent that we develop, our personality, our strengths and our weaknesses, will follow us in technical analysis as in life. (Michel Carignan)


April 25, 2024 06:56
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