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      The software includes 10 analysis modules already programmed. We have chosen to use the first 5 modules (Number 1 to 5) to move from a 50 to 250 day chart because it is an operation that is performed very often. This saves you from having to repeatedly use the zoom function at the bottom of the chart screen. The last 5 modules (Number 6 to 0) contain the most popular and most effective technical analysis indicators.

      However, each of these modules can be reprogrammed to meet your needs. You can change what you see in each module by clicking on the chart with the right button of the mouse.

Note: When a graph is displayed on the screen, the chart button or the F4 key alternate between the daily and the weekly graph. Each module is independently programmable for each layout of daily and weekly quotes.

module 1

graph 4

module 5

graph 5

      The numbers 6 to 0 show five sets of technical analysis indicators that are the most used in the field, over a period of 150 days or 150 weeks depending on the selected mode (F4).

module 6

graph 6

module 8

graph 7

      In conclusion, Marketvisionplus offers a graphic platform that is ultra fast and reliable, which allows you to view different zoom modes and technical analysis indicators with a single keystroke. Each number on your keypad shows you a preconfigured module in your software. If you click on the numbers 0 to 9 you will see five different zoom layouts and five adjustable analysis modules already programmed to simplify your life.

      By clicking on a single button you can choose what you want to see on the chart. With the arrow keys or the mouse wheel, you can then scroll the charts of your lists at your own speed. When you stop on a chart that sparks your interest, you can view it from different angles and view multiple programmable analysis with the numbers from 1 to 0.

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